Underwater Fortunes at the Fish Party Slot Machine

Microgaming seems to be targeting some of their most recent releases at celebrating the theme of summer, and their Fish Party Slot is an excellent example of this trend. Although it will understandably make some nervous - the software developer does make a lot of the same on paper - the game itself is a fun one that stands out as an exciting option among their already high number of unique slot games.

The theme is extremely strong on Fish Party Slot, starting with the underwater machine, and ending with the various fish hanging about on the reels, each complete with their own personalities that enhance the gameplay. Lining up the right fish is, of course, an important part of making money off of the experience, but the real cash comes from the bonus round, which probably isn't much of a surprise to most experienced players.

The bonus round works in a simple and equally predictable fashion - there are scatter symbols strewn across the board. When 3 or more are lined up, the round activates, and free spins are awarded. The predictability suddenly falls short here, however, and luck suddenly becomes even bigger a factor than before. The number of free spins given is completely random - the lowest amount is 8, but the highest potential amount is 20! During these rounds, the high value symbols become even higher valued and they occasionally will appear in stacks, meaning the winnings, potential for winnings, and excitement skyrocket instantly. This game, as it turns out, is a little more surprising than it initially appears to be.

There's plenty of excitement to be found in this Fish Party slot, and it is something that most slots players will probably take an immediate liking to. Luck and randomness certainly play their part here, but that only really serves to make this one of the more fun games released via this software. The heightened winnings bonuses mean that this is both a fun, and potentially very lucrative experience for all.